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Medidata Rave Connect

Clinical Pipe offers a tight connection with Medidata Rave using the Rave Web Services component. Regardless of therapeutic area or protocol complexity, the integration period for a given study takes between 1-2 business days. Subsequent updates to study builds during migrations take 1 business day. Integrations can occur on either existing or new studies - easy on both situations.  Once in place, we recommend the integration to apply to all subjects and not only to new ones.

Feature Support

  • Multiple versions of study build integration
  • Observations from EHR are supported
  • Dynamic visits (multiple matrix / custom function-based visit creation / determination)
  • Forms - standard or log
  • EHR user information reflected as external audit trail entry
  • Workflow support by setting frozen and/or verify flag for each item/field that’s transferred
  • Any supported EHR system will work for any connected study


  • Service user account access for RWS
  • User needs access to all sites that require EHR data
  • Additional access required for freeze and/or verify workflow actions
  • All fields/items that are mapped to EHR needs to be visible on initial form load without the form being dynamic in nature (i.e. showing the fields based on if the procedure was completed or not)
  • Units (as CodeLists) needs to support values as defined by Unified Code for Units of Measure
  • Clinical Pipe needs to be notified ahead of time for any migration to update the study build