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Leverage your EHR investment for industry-sponsored research.

Clinical Pipe is a middleware application for transferring patient data from the research institution’s EHR system (Electronic Health Record) into the sponsor's research database (Electronic Data Capture - EDC).  

We support leading EHR systems (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and Athena/Virence Centricity), as well as leading EDC systems (Medidata Rave, Oracle InForm and Protocol First’s P1 EDC).  


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What we transfer.

Clinical Pipe utilizes information from Observations, Conditions, Procedures, Medications, and Notes/Reports/Documents to fill data entry forms that are present in the EDC systems. This works for any new and ongoing industry-sponsored research.  Research coordinators remain in control of the data and can submit, with a mouse click, hundreds of data elements.


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  • More time spent with patients, instead of spending hours transcribing data
    • Focus on patient care and safety instead of performing clerical tasks
  • Fewer queries and onsite monitoring visits
  • Increased productivity for industry research… more research per coordinator/PI
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You are in good hands.


  • All communication is encrypted via EC-based TLS 1.2 and above
  • Use of secure cookies that are automatically deleted after browser close or, logoff, or 15 minutes after app activation
  • OAuth2-based authentication with EHR systems

  • All stored data on Clinical Pipe’s systems is encrypted using AES
  • Real-time AI-based review of all network communication and host activity for threat detection
  • Encrypted data backups are taken every 24 hours
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True control over your data via a user-friendly interface.

Research coordinators want consistent, easy-to-use interfaces and they need to maintain complete control over the data too. Clinical Pipe’s unique time point matching coupled with its ability to export entire data panels with mouse clicks, make the application a breeze to use.  

Our proprietary mapping algorithm presents trial data in an intuitive and simple interface that allows the institution's research coordinator to maintain full control over the data, over the course of the trial. Workflows are identical across sponsors, therapeutic areas and EDC systems.  Whether you use Rave or InForm with Pharma A or B...your workflow remains unchanged.

The sponsor's data review tools remain in place, as well as their ability to run edit checks and auto queries within the EDC. In reality, there are far fewer such queries when using Clinical Pipe.

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Easy to set up. Easy to start.

Setting up Clinical Pipe at your institution couldn’t be easier.  EHR vendors have all created streamlined processes to connect Clinical Pipe with your EHR system.  For instance, if you are using Epic, start by hitting the “Nominate" button in App Orchard. An email will be sent to you and your Epic liaison, who can then click "Contact Author" to get support from Epic and Clinical Pipe. We take it from there.

Sponsors pay for the cost of data transfer via Clinical Pipe. The only investment by the institution is a security review and gathering the right team members.  Actual IT implementation only takes a few hours, with Epic, it typically takes 2-5. After the connection is established, it will work for any industry clinical trial.


Available on EHR app stores and adopted by major cancer centers.


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Expediting research for you and your community

To experience the benefits of Clinical Pipe on your existing or upcoming study, connect with us today. We contact the sponsor to get them connected, so that you can get back to treating your patients.  

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