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Hugh Levaux and Clinical Pipe to speak at DPharm 2019 about connecting EHR-to-EDC

by Hugh Levaux, on Sep 17, 2019 8:02:11 AM


Hugh Levaux and Clinical Pipe will be speaking at DPharm 2019 about connecting EHR-to-EDC. DPharm is the annual event for clinical operation professionals to access innovative ideas, especially disruptive ones, to advance drug development with a view to reducing the burden to patients and investigators.

Clinical Pipe is a natural fit for DPharm as its technology is the first scalable EHR-EDC connector app that removes 30-70% of data transcription into EDC and Source Data Verification. The big disruptive benefit for Clinical Pipe is to break down the wall between research sites and industry sponsors by allowing research staff to focus on care and safety, instead of data entry.

Clinical Pipe was selected for DPharm Idol in 2018 and was the runner up.

This year, Hugh will be highlighting Clinical Pipe and the process of Site buy-in as well as Sponsor and CRO adoption, challenges, and solutions after a year of successful Clinical Pipe implementation.

DPharm is September 17-18, 2019 in Boston, MA

To learn more about Clinical Pipe and how it can help save 30-70% of your transcription cost click here.