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EHR to EDC Integrated App:  Clinical Pipe builds Pharma Industry's first connection

by Hugh Levaux, on Apr 7, 2018 10:10:25 AM


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Clinical Pipe builds Pharma Industry's first connection

Hello everyone! We are super excited to publish our first blog post and introduce our brand new product, Clinical Pipe.  Clinical Pipe is the Pharmaceutical Industry’s First EHR to EDC (or clinical research system) integration app. We can take patient data directly from leading EHR systems and deliver it directly into existing EDC platforms and studies. We do all of this with one click of a button right in the site’s EHR platform. No custom code or heavy lifting.   

We are very excited about innovation in the Clinical research industry and the prospect of Clinical Pipe  We firmly believe that this integration is a first but massively important step towards unlocking the real power and value of technology within the industry.  

Our story starts with one simple problem, getting patient data from hospital data systems into Pharma’s clinical research systems.  As I am sure you are all well aware of, there is no elegant technological solution; there is no magic button that just pops the right data into your protocol.  It’s 2018, I can watch my favorite shows on my iWatch and use my phone to pay for my latte, and even buy pizza from Pizza Hut’s pizza sneakers, but I cannot push data into an EDC platform efficiently?

In fact the truth is, the go-to-move for data collection is the dredded “Swivel Chair.”  Site administrators read the patient data in the hospitals EHR system on one computer and then swivel around to another computer and enter that data into the clinical research system.  This data transcription process is as painful for the site administrators as it sounds and should be considered medieval torture inflicted by Pharma on site administrators; except for the fact that the process creates just as much pain for Pharma.

The “Swivel Chair” creates acute pain for Pharma with transcriptions errors, missed deadlines and ballooning costs.  The process creates headaches and pain for everyone in the process. There just has to be a better way of data capture that does not involve throwing more time and money at it.  

That is where Clinical Pipe comes along.  You see, we understand the problem and we have the technical chops to actually find a solution to the problem.  We leverage SMART on FHIR along with OAUTH2 for the EHR APIs and ODM and CDASH for the EDC integration. These technologies and standards, along with our advanced Translation Algorithm and Time Point Matching feature, bring a whole solution that is an industry first.  Of course all of this runs on a secure infrastructure that is compliant and secure at every level; we meet 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA standards.

Putting all the fancy technology jargon aside the key is we do all of this without custom code and no heavy lifting.  Clinical Pipe is an app and can be reused from one protocol to hundreds. The days of spending weeks or months building some slapdash RFD with endless timelines and rigidity are over.  

One of the absolute best aspects to Clinical Pipe is the oversight.  Since the data transfer is automated you can audit the source data and the data transferred into the EDC through simple transaction logs.  The automated data import along with the Time Point Matching feature ensures certified 100% clean EDC data. No more patient data errors. No more transcription verification. You get to keep your existing data review tools and you get to keep the ability to run edit checks and auto queries within your EDC. The beauty is, with the Data Point Matching, you know that the data transmitted by Clinical Piple is 100% consistent with source because it comes right from the site’s EHR.

There is a clear benefit from removing the human element in the source data process.  That is what Clinical Pipe is all about. Using innovative technology to help clinical research save time and money.  

Now we have already been working with many industry leading sites and sponsors getting Clinical Pipe up and running on existing studies. We will be telling you all about that in the near future.  But for now trust that it all works as seamlessly as described above.

We know that Phama has been searching for this connection for a long time.  Clinical Pipe has industry leaders who have been working in the industry for years advancing technology and trying to crack the code.  But searching for the automated perfect solution can prove fruitless. We went for the pragmatic approach that works! We are proud and honored to be able to offer you Clinical Pipe.  We truly believe we can help you streamline your process and help you get your data right, quickly, the first time. Give us a call or email us, we are waiting to help you get your job done.  


Clinical Pipe