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Meet you @ DIA 2018!! … Booth #738.

by Hugh Levaux, on Jun 19, 2018 5:00:00 AM


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Hey Everyone,

It has been a very busy beginning to 2018, but its June and so everyone knows what that means in Pharma: DIA!!! That’s right, we are excited to get out to Boston, June 24th-28th and show everyone what we have been doing at Clinical Pipe. We are going to be on the Expo Floor at booth #738 with our sister company Protocol First.

As much as we are excited for the super wicked Lobsta in town, (we know where the best is, we got a local!) we really want to introduce Clinical Pipe to everyone and answer any questions there are. We think we have a very innovative product that can help a lot of people with their data collection.

If you are coming to DIA to help you and your organization accelerate timelines, cut costs and deliver cleaner data, then you have to stop by the Clinical Pipe booth, #738. We are presenting the industry's first EHR to EDC connector app and it is this innovation that will help you get your job done.

This might sound crazy but, we can promise you can hit your timeline with ease and help contain costs, all by just deploying Clinical Pipe. The key is the automation of the old data transcription between EHR and EDC, but with Clinical Pipe it happens with a click of a button. Fully scalable, no custom code.

We are so confident that Clinical Pipe can help you that we have brought a whole bunch of people to help you at DIA. Below are just a few of the people from Clinical Pipe that will be at DIA and will be ready to help you and answer any question.

Hugh Levaux: Founder & CEO

Amit Shah: Chief Technology Officer

Joseph Collins: Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Rouse: Head of Biz Dev.

Please stop by our Booth #738, I am sure we will have some free stuff to give you, but we also know that our EHR to EDC connector app can help everyone get their data collection done better and faster.

If you are lucky, we might even buy you some Lobsta and some drinks. So please stop by at DIA, remember booth #738.

See you at DIA!!!!