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Hugh Levaux

Recent Posts by Hugh Levaux:

by Hugh Levaux, on Sep 30, 2019 8:39:07 AM

For decades, EHR-to-EDC has been seen as the "holy grail" to optimize clinical research. Finally, key technologies and standards have made this a reality. Clinical Pipe has been deployed on …

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by Hugh Levaux, on Sep 17, 2019 8:02:11 AM

Hugh Levaux and Clinical Pipe will be speaking at DPharm 2019 about connecting EHR-to-EDC. DPharm is the annual event for clinical operation professionals to access innovative ideas, especially disruptive ones, to …

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by Hugh Levaux, on Aug 22, 2018 8:23:20 AM

The greatest innovations throughout history caused a game-changing shift in industries generally stuck in their ways. The invention of email put peer-to-peer communication into hyper speed. Similarly, the printing press …

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